Friday, September 28, 2012

This Morning's Soul Food

Today's schedule afforded me time to do my morning devotions with my husband via cell phone. What a blessing it was to worship with the love of my life who is across the country, fighting fires in Washington state!

We read the last four chapters of Hosea and the first couple chapters of Joel. Then we followed the scripture with chapter 25 of Acts of the Apostles by Ellen G. White. There was a paragraph out of the latter that really spoke to me. So much so that I would like to share it with y'all!

"The watchful Christian is a working Christian, seeking zealously to do all in his power for the advancement of the gospel. As love for his Redeemer increases, so also does love for his fellow men. He has severe trials, as had his Master; but he does not allow affliction to sour his temper or destroy his peace of mind. He knows that trial, if well borne, will refine and purify him, and bring him into closer fellowship with Christ. Those who are partakers of Christ's suffering will also be partakers of His consolation and at last sharers of His glory." pg. 261

This goes right along with a quote that I heard on the radio recently, "Trials are the soil in which faith grows." 

I can't recall a single person who isn't enduring a trial of some sort. Can you? 

God, in His incomprehensible love, has given each of us the freedom of choice. We get to choose whether trails are the soil in which we grow... or the soil in which we are buried beneath. 

God is love,

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