Tuesday, January 1, 2013

The Perfect Hired Hand by Betty Rayl

The Perfect Hired Hand by Betty Rayl

The hardest working man around
Is one I thought could not be found.
When work needs done you'll find him there
With smiling face to do his share.

To fix the fire he'll pack in wood
Before you ever say he should.
He'll take the sheep back to the fold
Long before he's ever told.

He herds the cows, so big and mean
And if he's scared it's never seen.
When things break down, then you're in luck. 
With wrench in hand he'll fix your truck.
And he's the proudest guy alive
Whenever he's allowed to drive.

He'll feed the chickens, milk the cow,
If it needs done, just show him how.
And housework's not beneath his skill,
He'll fold the laundry with a will.

He'll grab the broom and sweep the floor,
Wash the dishes, and lots more.
Messy floors? Don't get up-tight.
The vacuum cleaner's his delight.

In doing chores, don't think he's slow.
He's atomic energy about to blow!
He's a "man of few words" as they say,
But his happy grin will cheer your day.

Doesn't smoke or chew, what can I say?
The hired man bathes every day!
When he gets spruced to go to town,
He's 'bout the best dressed guy around.
High stepping boots, new suit and tie,
The ladies think he's "quite the guy".

He does drink some, but still he's nice.
The bottle is his only vice.
This hired man's a dream come true,
And Ryan Dale is not quite two.

by proud Grand Betty Rayl, 1982

Here's the card that the poem was in...

That Ryan Dale is now 32 and my husband. My mother-in-law says it seems just like yesterday that Ryan was two...

I can't believe that my little nephew is already two... and I suppose before I know it he'll be 32... 

time flies...make the most of each day!!! 

Psalm 20:4 "May he give you the desire of your heart and make all your plans succeed."

Happy New Year and may God bless your time on this earth!!!!! 
Gods is love,

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