Monday, December 12, 2011

Behind The Scenes

Framily: n. 1. a friend that is like family 2. family that is like a friend 3. friend that you are technically related to 4. friend & family

This  definition will help you immensely as you read the remainder of this blog post.

What you are about to see is a picture of my framily Erin, and I  at beautiful Camp Ida-Haven in McCall, Idaho. The occasion was Jaimie and Sam's (other framily of ours) wedding. Erin being the beautiful mom that she is, is holding water bottles for her two kids. Perhaps you noticed the sunglasses on my head; it was a gorgeous, warm, sunny day... a perfect day for a wedding in the mountains. And then there are our smiles...

... of course I was excited to see Erin... she being like a big sister/friend/cousin (and I'm not just saying this because she might kill me for using this picture)... we live in different states and our lives are very busy so we don't visit much. Erin was indeed part of the reason for my smile. The other reason for our smiles were caused by what you don't see in the picture. It was the picture-taker (photographer) that created our genuine, almost laughing smiles.

Our framily Blaine Kenney, was the reason to blame for our smiles. It was not the first or last time he was guilty of such crimes. Blaine was a man of many gifts, but perhaps the gift I cherished the most was his ability to make me (and others) smile.

Unfortunately, I have to use past tense words such as, was and had, because Blaine passed away on October 20, 2011... just one day short of two months after the above picture was taken.

Blaine's delight was delighting in others. He was delighted to take our picture. When one knows that she is delighted in... one can't help but smile. Let me say that again, "When one knows that she is delighted in... one can't help but smile."  99% of my interactions with Blaine resulted in a smile.

His genuine love for our Heavenly Father and other human beings reeked from him like a fresh cut pine tree... his genuine loved lingered in the air... which created an atmosphere that one couldn't help but (**long exhale here**) SMILE.

I was also the thankful frequent recipient to Blaine's quick and to the point advice; that often included or  was sometimes limited to, "Let's pray".  Which I would often smile and say "Ok" (What else are you going to say?!?!).

My unedited picture of Faith and Blaine... same day and place as the picture above.
Volumes have been wrote about Blaine's accomplishments while on this earth, and I most certainly  recommend that they be read, but you'll have to wait until you get to heaven to read them. One volume will be titled "Adoring Husband" and another "Proud & Loving Father" and yet another "Teacher"... "Framily"... I know exactly the volume that I'm going to check out once there... It's going to be titled "Behind the Scenes" and the subtitle will read "True Stories of When Blaine Changed Lives One Smile at a Time". It's a good thing I'll have eternity to read it a because it is going to take me a while...... it will have hundreds of chapters... one of which will be of... me.

 "And this is the way to have eternal life—to know you, the only true God, and Jesus Christ, the one you sent to earth." John 17:3 (NLT)

There is only one way to that I, or anyone else, will ever get to see/hear Blaine again... You need to know Blaine's Friend/Father (framily)... just like Jesus said in John 17:3. 

***Reader, you may have never known Blaine, but I can promise you that he cared about you. And I can promise you that he would want nothing more than to see your SMILE in Heaven. So if you don't know Blaine's Heavenly Father (mine and Erin's Heavenly Father too) like framily... then please message me and I'd be happy to introduce to Him (or get you connected with someone who can introduce you).***

Thanks for reading and if you have a minute please feel free to share (by commenting below) how Blaine has blessed you... or if you didn't know Blaine, share how you intend on helping someone smile today (or comment on both).

Oh and don't forget that "..God is love..." 1 John 4:16 


  1. Well said, Vanessa. I, too, miss the quick humor, wise advice and behind-the-scenes support/leading of framily member Blaine and look forward to associating with him once again. Thank-you for sharing. Hali

  2. Vani, you are sure a treasure! no wonder your smile is genuine! Yes, Blaine had a knack for making you smile...and in my case, helping me to heal...of course, that place out there does help too.
    Our whole family is one of the smiling-est bunch of people I know. Very unique. Even when stuff was very hard, and you know that is true in every family...people live well, and not so well. some die and some live longer. We all get together every chance we get. We live farther and farther apart, which wasn't true when we were kids growing up. We were taught to not tease HARD or say hurtful things. to be kind and if you couldn't think of anything good about someone, to not say anything!
    Our mother had 4 sisters and everyone was very close. We were never allowed to fight with each other. We have all stayed close friends. All the cousins, 1st., 2nd., 3rd. and then just everyone else was "shoestring" relatives. Love was always spoken and smiles and hugs abounded.
    We still have that closeness. We have the joy of having our next generations that we hope still remember the values that were taught us. Our hope of passing on the love of God and His ways...and that they are being passed on as well.
    I see this happening in my kids and grand kids, and great-grands. It gladdens my heart.

    So, if you get us all together anywhere you will hear the joy we have in knowing our heavenly Father and being in His family. You will see the twinkle in someone else's eye that brings back this bitter-sweet feeling that we all will always have from enjoying Blaine's love for each of us.