Sunday, December 25, 2011

The Best Investment This World Has Ever Known

What are you investing in these days? I'm a huge Dave Ramsey fan. I listen to his radio show while paying bills or while completing our monthly budget or while doing book keeping for our business, Y Bar Construction. I follow Ramsey on Twitter and have read his books. My husband and I have even taught Financial Peace University at our church and he made our Christmas letter this year. He explains financial management in such a way that a sixth grader could understand him. If I were given millions tomorrow, I would know exactly what to do with it, following Ramsey's Baby Steps.

Ramsey's plan is great and it (when actually put to use) has the power to change lives and family trees. But what if I told you that I have an even better and more powerful investment strategy?  

I decided over eight years ago to invest everything I am or ever will be, all my worth into one single....

(....wait for it.....

here it comes....

...are you ready.... this is good...

...changes lives...

...produces the highest yields this world has ever known....)

I decided to invest everything I am or ever will be, all my worth into one single...... baby boy born in a manger.

Often times folks will call into Ramsey's radio show and doubt his advice to invest their money in good growth stock mutual funds. The callers think his advice is crazy considering our economy these past few years. Then Ramsey just recounts what his investments have done for him. It may not convince the caller but his testimony certainly convinces me (or maybe its his lake house that convinces me, just kidding); like I said, I know exactly where I'm going to invest our money once we are out of debt etc. 

Now investing in a God that came to this planet in the form of a baby boy, born to a poor *VIRGIN* girl, in a manger of all places... may sound crazy considering science or logic... or our world today, but I'm banking on this baby boy. It's all or nothin' for me. And of course, it doesn't seem crazy to me because I know what this investment has done for me. And like Ramsey, my most powerful persuasive tool is my testimony. 

Of course I'm tempted to share my testimony and tell my readers across the world what Jesus has done for me... how he has done more in me and for me these past eight years, than millions or even billions of dollars ever could, but I'll refrain (perhaps in a different post someday). Because my investment plan can actually be summed up in one word: LOVE. 
Love came down in the form of a baby boy. Love died on the cross for you and me. Love is waiting patiently for every human being to choose (or not choose) love. Love changed me and is still changing me. Love saved me. If you have ever been touched by Love, then you have been touched by the hand of God. God is love (I can't say it enough) see 1 John.

I've never met anyone that didn't believe Love was worth investing in. I imagine that Dave Ramsey would recommend this investment strategy too. Today I invite you to invest in Love... Today I invite you to celebrate the day Love was born in a manger!

***Happy Birthday Jesus, King of my heart and this universe! I love you!!!***

I think I'll go party now... Merry Christmas! And Love Bless (God Bless)!!!!! <3 

How are you celebrating Jesus' birthday?


  1. yea! another winner! Thanks for giving me a blessing this Christmas!