Sunday, January 15, 2012

A Review of Sorts: (in)courage, DaySpring, Cards, & a Card Organizer

Have you ever heard of (in)courage(in)courage calls itself "a home for the hearts of women" and I agree with them. I originally discovered (in)courage through Blessings Unlimited (I'm a Blessings Unlimited independent consultant. I consider it a hobby). Now I follow (in)courage on Twitter and Facebook and I subscribe to their daily email of new-blog-type-posts. You can click here to read what was in today's email; it really spoke to my heart, it even made me cry.

Back on December 20th (in)courage tweeted this: "Are you a card sender? If so, January  is for you!

I tweeted this back: "@incourage "Are you a card sender?" Ha!!! You have no idea!!! This is like the most  opportunity!!! <3"

I was slightly excited (huge understatement).

And then (In)courage responded with " LOVE hearing that!"

It was like a match made in heaven; blogging and cards, what more could this girl ask for? 

In(courage) sent me free cards (which I got to pick out) and a card organizer (which was a surprise added gift from them!) with the agreement that I would write a review of sorts about their product on my blog . It's a win-win for everyone because I get FREE CARDS, they get personal advertisement, and my blog gets exposed to a new audience. Plus I don't feel like I'm selling my soul or anything because I genuinely love their cards, their company, and consider it an honor to write anything for them (let alone something I'm passionate about!!!). 

I may be breaking some sort of unspoken blogging law by sharing these details with you... but I think it adds to the genuineness of the review... and I want all of my reviews (or anything I post) to be at least genuine. Side note. 

(In)courage sent me an email after I signed up to write this review. This is how the email started, 
"Hi there!
Thank you all for partnering with (in)courage & DaySpring and being a part of an (in)spired deals review. You will be receiving a So True Card Pack plus a Thank You boxed note set! You can expect your cards to arrive by this time next week. We are looking forward to hearing you share your story about who you sent a card to and why card sending matters to you! We also snuck a little extra gift in your order as well! 
"Snuck a little extra gift in your order?!?!" And I thought this arrangement couldn't get any better... 

 I was all kinds of excited when the package came! 

Packaged perfectly...

Ta Da!

My surprise was this beautiful "I Will Bless You - Accordion Card Organizer" - By the way it is on sale right now for $4.99
 This is the So True Card Pack; coincidentally I have a board on Pinterest that is called So True!, which is one of the reasons why I picked this pack. Unfortunately the pictures (mine or Dayspring's) don't do justice to how beautiful these cards are. In person, they look like quality handmade cards. A lot of beautiful detail was put into each card (on the outside and inside).

 I have a rule about not sharing what I write in cards. You can read this post to find out why.

 Thank You - From the Heart. Need I say more? 

Here's a shot of my favorite stamps... Do you think the government would send me free stamps if write a review about them? What was that I heard? When pigs fly?

You can read this post to learn why I love giving and receiving cards so much... it's an addiction actually. 

I will be doing my first ever free giveaway soon... hopefully this week. May I (in)courage you to spread the love and send a card or two this week... you won't regret it! I'd also like to invite you to share your card sending goals for 2012 by commenting below.

God is love,

p.s. My favorite team, the GreenBayPackers, lost today. I will not be cheering for them at our annual superbowl getaway weekend. :'( Sympathy cards appreciated. ;)

p.s.s Don't forget that tomorrow is Monday, which means there will be a new "Memory Verse a Week for the Weak".

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