Thursday, January 19, 2012

Form Fits Function

In true Vanessa fashion, I'm choosing to celebrate something by writing a blog post. How nerdy am I? I have a gazillion things I need to do, but I must share something that I learned in my Anatomy & Physiology class.

I learned that YOU were designed and created for a very specific purpose. Everything that makes up you; cells, spleen, hair... was created specifically to serve its job... and it's job is ultimately to serve you, so you can, you know, to this thing called live. 

So if everything in you was uniquely suited to it's function... that makes you a walking, breathing, etc, mass (form) of uniqueness suited for a function... In other words God obviously designed everything on this planet: from your toenails, to your dog, to serve a specific purpose. 

My heart is designed to beat to keep my blood flowing which then blah blah blah. My dog is designed to love me unconditionally, make my house a mess, and chase big white pick-ups.

Which leaves me wondering... what am I designed for? Truth is, I know my form and I know my function (well the most important function, I'm still figuring out some others). 

Do you know your function (purpose)?

I promise it is more than just reproduction.

I have included a video for your viewing pleasure... just in case you need a clue what your function is:

My prayer is that YOU (the reader) discover your function and perform your function in the unique way that only YOU can.

Blessings! In truer Vanessa form, I'm off to conquer my gazillion to-do's... it's part of my function... (get it?)...
Ok peace out! xoxox
God is love,

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