Thursday, January 5, 2012

Take Time to Stop & Smell opps i mean Send the Cards

There are many things I would like to write about tonight, however today was a "need to give cards day".  So I decided to take the time to stop and  smell  send the cards. 

Card number 1

Inside of Card # 1

Card #2

Inside of card #2. Sorry the picture is a bit blurry.

Also inside of card #2

Both of these cards are from the "ALL OCCASION ASSORTMENT"
 via Blessings Unlimited. You can purchase them here if you would like.

These two cards are ***PERFECT*** for each recipient/occasion. I'm not going to share whom I'm giving them to, or what I'm writing in each card; that's just too personal.

You may be thinking, "She'll post about shower dates, but won't post about what she writes in a card???? I don't get it." (Aren't my ESP skills impressive?)

Allow me to explain. I think shower dates are a beautiful thing worth sharing and celebrating. It's a beautiful thing that Ryan and I are still madly in-love with each other after 5.5 years of marriage (8.5 years of togetherness). This should be celebrated.  The happily-married thing is getting to be more and more rare it seems, so why not celebrate the happiness/love when it happens?!?! (Fuzzy moment)

It is also a beautiful thing when I write in cards; not because I'm an amazing writer, because it gives me the chance to really share my heart with the recipient (which is probably why I like card giving so much). The words would lose their intimacy and sincerity if I were to post the words that I write in these cards. The words are meant for one heart, from my heart. The end.

God is love,

p.s. There are several other cards I would like to send to several other people. If you are one of those people, thank you for your patience... it will happen eventually. Same applies to emails, phone calls, and text messages... I will get back to you eventually. <3


  1. Awesome post, love the cards!

  2. thank you for the cards. I needed that today : )

  3. Thanks for the blog love! And to the third anonymous commenter... there are only two people who have said what you did... I didn't think that either of you read my blog! :)