Friday, July 20, 2012

High Five for Friday!!

My week has been like a roller coaster... good thing Jesus is always along for the ride! {Can you imagine Jesus riding a roller coaster?}


1. God has been busy answering prayers this week (and every week)! 

Colton, who I requested prayer for in this post, was released from the hospital. He is far from being out of the woods and still needs your prayers. But I'm so thankful for the progress! Thanks for the prayers!!

Also, the Bingham family who I also requested that you pray for, is going to be on the Today Show today! I'm praying that the added media attention will be a blessing. 

2. Searching for my dog. 

Amazingly, searching for my dog ended up being a ginormous blessing. 
As a result I made new friends and learned more lessons about hope, faith, and love. I realized a love I didn't know I had before. God's glory truly shined through the entire ordeal, which was a really humbling experience. And a new facebook group has resulted (your welcome to join us). Read this post for the complete story. 

3.  I met Ryan (my superhero husband) nine years ago yesterday. Nine years is 1/3 of my life!!! And after all these years, Ryan still writes long love letters. 

4. A little conversation between DeVon Franklin & myself on Twitter. I'll let the tweets speak for themselves. :)

5. "Awesome Abs" class with Jordan.
And now my abs look like this! Just kidding. Luckily for me, my superhero prefers more curve. 
So I was completely expecting the class to be taught by a petite, bubbly, girl. But to my complete surprise, the class was taught by a manly, buff, guy with a beard. Needless to say my abs still hurt even though the class was on Monday. And Jordan played my kind of exercise music! 

 I'm really looking forward to the next class!

Have a blessed weekend y'all! <3

God is love,


  1. love letters are the sweetest! i find it harder to do than type because it entails the doer to find a good stationary, do the letter with legible penmanship. it's a great gift. :)

    found you in h54f! i hope you can check out my blog too.

    jen @

    1. Thanks for stopping by! I stopped by your blog too. :) Have a wonderful week!

  2. Husbands who write love notes are the best!!