Friday, July 27, 2012

High Five For Friday!!!

I truly don't know how it is Friday again already! Matthew 24:22 comes to mind and I wonder if this is what Jesus meant about the days being cut short. I don't think it is what he meant but my days do seem short. But hey I rather have them be short than long!

Ok moving on to my five:


1. Answered prayers... (but please continue praying)

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2. I accomplished my goal of exercising six times this week. And I accomplished another goal of posting on my blog six times in a week.
 Click here to read about my recent lifestyle change (this is me not using the word "diet"). 

3. I got to see one of my friends from Oregon on Tuesday! (Shame on me for not taking any pictures to document this event.)

4. My FREE Outside magazine and cards/letters from loved ones came in the mail this week! It's the little things folks!!!

 5. I was able to fall asleep at a decent hour at least twice this week!!! I'm hoping and praying that changes to seven days a week soon. And in case you are wondering... a picture of myself sleeping would be really awkward. It was awkward enough that I posted a sweaty picture of myself.

High Five for Everyday:
*My Superhero husband who accomplishes more before eight in the morning than most people do all week. He works so hard and complains so little. And he loves me unconditionally (truly). Most importantly, he loves the Lord.*

*And our pets, who give me something to fret over. And for also loving me unconditionally (well my cat does most of the time & my dog - all the time :).*

I have a lot in store for me this weekend! I'm looking forward to it! Thanks for reading my blog! Just a warning... the posts might decrease as I'm picking up another class on Monday... I know, I know... it will be rough without a daily dose of blog posts from LLHFL Blog.... ;) just kidding! Not kidding about the class and potential decrease. o_0 Time will tell! 

Lots of love to you and a blessed weekend too (note what just happened)!

God is love,


  1. thanks as always for sharing! blessed weekend to you!

  2. I try to workout 5 times a week so I can have 2 days off to rest. Lol. I admire your determination!

    I added you via GFC. I hope you can join my link up! It's on Tuesdays: :)