Monday, July 23, 2012

A Memory Verse a Week for the Weak: John 11:35

 This past Memorial day, after putting flowers on loved one's graves, my mother and I went back to the cemetery to watch a F-15 fly overhead. I had always enjoyed watching air shows fly over the Puget Sound as a kid. My mom has similar found childhood memories growing up in Phoenix.  
F-15 (Photo courtesy Oregon Air National Guard)
I'm not familiar with how other towns celebrate Memorial Day, but in Baker City, Oregon the day is kinda a big deal. Most of the stores close in remembrance of those who gave their lives. And as my mother and I drove down Main Street to the cemetery, I couldn't help but be proud to live in a community that still honors the Brave. The cemetery itself is gorgeous, with dozens if not hundreds of American flags erect and waving in the breeze. Flowers and people are of an abundance on this weekend of Memorial. 

A part of me felt a bit silly and giddy to go to the cemetery to watch a jet fly over, but my insecurities quickly dissolved after parking the car and taking a long look around to see babes, parents, veterans, my mom, and so many others come to watch the same moment.

And that's all that it was; a moment. The F-15 came flying in with such force that it felt as though the entire planet stood still. And it left in the same fashion. I watched the jet until I couldn't see it anymore. Somewhere in that brief moment, tears rolled down my face and onto the gravel my beneath my feet. 

After the F-15 no longer held my gaze captive, I looked at my mother, and she too was crying! It was then that I realized where I got my crying tendency. Prior to this realization I thought I was a crying weirdo. 

Turns out that she too cries when the National Anthem is sung, no matter where she hears it. No matter where I hear that song, little league game, or watching the Superbowl, I'll shed a tear. I'm not particularly patriotic, that's not it. Any time a group of people join together for something good, I get goosebumps, and I get teary. You know those flash mob dances that you see on YouTube? Ya, well that opens up the flood gates for me. Choir sings at church, same result.

Or like last week when my dog went missing for 24 hours; I ugly cried in front of, I don't know how many people. Wow, was it ugly. And then when I found Poco Bear, I fell to my knees, I was sobbing so hard. 

When I met my nephew Wyatt for the first time.... tears.

My wedding day, in front of everyone... or pretty much any wedding actually...

So as you can imagine, I shed a tear when I read what happened to the movie goers of Aurora, Colorado. I assume I wasn't the only one, I imagine people across the world wept. 12 lives gone. Countless others scarred for life. 

Perhaps you will join me in taking great comfort in these two words (this week's memory verse):
"Jesus wept." 
John 11:35 is the shortest verse of the Bible and quite possibly the most descriptive of our Saviour. 

There is no doubt in my mind, that just like the death of Lazarus caused Jesus to weep, so does the mind boggling incident in Aurora.  Jesus is not immune to the pain and suffering of this world. In fact, he cries even more than I and my mother combined, and everyone else for that matter. 

Wherever you are or have been, whatever you are experiencing or have experienced... Jesus is there with you. Jesus is the original and ultimate "Been there, done that, bought that t-shirt" guy. So no matter if you are in a prison cell, or standing amongst a sea of people in New York City, you are never alone in your experience. 

There is not a tear that goes unnoticed by our Saviour. And while a universe may separate us from Him, there is nothing that will be able to separate us from the love of God that is in Christ Jesus our Lord." (Romans 8:39, but if you have time read Romans 8:18-39)

Please, please take the time to read this post called, 


 it was wrote by a woman who survived the shooting in Aurora. And for the love of Pete will someone please teach me how to subscribe or follow her blog? I can really relate to her heart! 

God is love,


  1. Thanks Vanessa. And I would say e-mail her and maybe she will put you on her list for blog updates. She's on Wordpress and you are on Blogspot, so I don't know if you can follow her here.

    1. Thanks Annie! I figured it out, I just had to add her URL to my reader feed in blogger. :)