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Actions Speak Louder Than Words: Palawan Energy Project

Meet my new friend Manny (his full name is Jesus Emmanuel Romero). We go way back; like over 3 weeks back.... I first met Manny at a picnic on a Sabbath afternoon 3.5 weeks ago. And we keep ending up doing the same Sabbath afternoon activities since then. Manny is like a son to Jeanne... and Jeanne is sister to Alice... and Alice is like a... well Alice is like a everything to me (like I mentioned in a previous post)... So I think that means that Manny and I are related!!!    Which makes sense because we look a lot alike. Are you confused? It's ok; the important thing is Manny is a new friend. 
Manny mug shot!
A couple of Sabbaths ago, while hiking with friends, Manny told me about an upcoming ministry adventure (aka mission trip) that he will soon embark on. He and 6 other friends are going to help with  the Palawan Energy Project. I had all kinds of questions for him. And then I got a not-so-gentle nudge from the Holy Spirit to share his adventure with you all (or y'all please imagine hearing that in a thick Southern accent.. you're welcome).

Ok so the following is a discussion I had with Manny that I'm sharing with y'all (insert accent)... My words are in pink and Manny's are in black.

So What is the Palawan Energy Project? 
It is an effort to provide reliable electricity to Adventist Frontier Missions' Palawan Island project.

Where  exactly is the Palawan Energy Project? 
We plan to work in Palawan island in the South China Sea. It is one of thousands of islands in the Philippines. AFM's (Adventist Frontier Missions) mission post in Palawan is located in the mountainous region of this tropical island, where indigenous people live and access is physically challenging. 

Why did you decide to help the Palawan Energy Project and not some other project? 
That's a good question. Palawan island is home to 682,000 people, many of whom are ignorant of the knowledge of a Savior. One of the goals of the missionaries (Kent and Leonda George) currently serving in Palawan  is to translate the Bible into the Palawan language so that people there, who are learning to read, may have God's word in their own language, thus making the Gospel more personal. They have a small school where young people are learning to read, write, and to love Jesus. They also operate a clinic and provide much needed care for the people living in the mountains. Electricity is needed to power lights, laptops, and equipment at the clinic. Their source of electricity is currently out of order, in the meantime compelling them to use generators requiring gasoline, which is an expensive resource that has to be carried on someone's back for three hours from the lowland village. We plan to install a hydroelectric plant and several solar panels. This will provide reliable energy 24/7.
To us this translates as an obvious need for help. We who have a knowledge of God's word and have experienced the saving grace of Jesus are in special debt to those who do not yet know of their Savior. 
Why not some other project? (Manny laughs here) Well, I personally would love to go and serve everywhere on this planet where there is someone who does not know Jesus. The key is to grasp the opportunity as it comes.  

Kent George baptizing a native.

How did you find out about the Palawan Energy Project? 
My friend Caleb Maccaronne shared the idea with me sometime last October. In the summer of 2008, Brian, Caleb, and I went through AFM's student missionary training together, before going as student missionaries. They went to Palawan. Since then we've become strong friends, sharing the common goal of reaching the unreached and hastening Jesus' second coming. 

Who will be going on this adventure with you? 
As of right now there are seven of us: Caleb Maccarone, Daniel Maccaronne, Allie Westermeyer, Marco Martinez (who is an electrical engineer) and his wife Ruth, Brian Glass, and myself.

When will you be leaving the states? How long will you be there? And when will you come back? (I tend to ask a lot of questions)
We plan to be there two weeks, leaving August 21 and returning September 5, 2012.

Manny, this adventure sounds like such a blessing, how can I and others be a part of this adventure? 
We wholeheartedly request your prayers, that we may possess Christ's humility to serve and courage to go forward. Pray that the Holy Spirit may start influencing those who will receive the Truth through our efforts and that He may compel others to dedicate their lives to His service (for the harvest is plenty but the laborers are few). We also invite you to unite with us in reaching our fundraising goal. So far we have raised $5,500 and are aiming for $30,000. To join the fundraising effort online through Adventist Frontier Missions go to (donations are tax-deductible) donations can also be mailed to Adventist Frontier Missions P.O. Box 286, Berrien Springs, MI 49103 or submitted by phone at 800-937-4236

This is so exciting! I want updates! Will you be able to keep people updated about the adventure? 
Yes. We have a Facebook page ( where we will be posting updates and pictures of the trip. Please like their Facebook page! We encourage people to please write us a message or comment for any questions they may have and we will promptly reply. 

Manny, I imagine that there are folks that are going to read my blog post that are going feel a nudge to go on a ministry adventure (mission trip) themselves... What would be your suggestion for those folks? 
My suggestion would be for them to dedicate their lives completely to Christ. To take it to over with God in fervent prayer, and of course, when the opportunity comes... to go!!!!! Jesus gave all and did not count Heaven a place to be desired while we were lost. In view of such great sacrifice that was done for us, won't we show thankfulness by giving our all to the cause of Christ? Lastly, these two amazing verses inspire me to press on:

"Let them give glory unto the LORD, and declare his praise in the islands... For the earth shall be filled with the knowledge of the glory of the Lord, as the waters cover the sea." Isaiah 42:12, Habakuk 2:14

What do you think friends? Will you be joining them on their adventure? I plan to!!! I invite you to do the same! Next up is a video of the project:

Please kindly "like" their Facebook page to see many more videos and pictures, and for updates. Please help spread the word about the Palawan Energy Project. Thanks much!!! 

God is love,

PS. Here is a music video I though you might enjoy:

PSS. Please read this post for two other special prayer requests.

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